Yoga for Women

Women often have needs different to that of of men. They have for sure a different body and subsequently different key interests.

The life of a woman is shaped by their wonderful womanhood and by her very special and exceptional blessing as to menstruate, to be pregnant, to give birth, and even to breastfeed her newborn child

Women do possess their special spirituality, their specific feminine view on things

Therefore, it is very special for me to work with the energy of women and the essence of womanhood and to accompany women on their special feminine ways

Your specific situation might be a moment of change or stagnation, pregnancy, abnormal estrous cycle, menopause, or just interest to feel your estrous cycle, your spirituality, your job or maybe your vocation, relationship, and much more

For me it is important that women feel the power of their womanhood, the power of the woman they are, and that they keep and preserve their power on their way

Yoga can be one very effective way - individually or also as a group - to reach this goal

During my consulting and coaching work, I will accompany you to be the woman you are

If you are interested or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me via e-mail or mobile directly.