Below you can find a summary of my personal and professional education:

1996 Start of Training to become a Bach Flowers Remedy Advisor at the Dr. Edward Bach Center

        Wien/ London and additional trainings in regard to Bach and California Flower Remedies

        in subsequent years

1996 Start to work with Healing Energies of Stones

1996 - 2002 Education to become a Feng Shui Consultant, trainings with:

      - William Spear USA

      - Kilian Too, Malaysia/ USA

      - Prof. Dr. Yes Lim, China

      - Master Dr. Joseph Yu, Canada/ China

      - High Master Yap Cheing Hai, Malaysia

Special Trainings:    

      - Prof. Dr. Yes Lim, China: For Business Feng Shui and Corporate Logo Consulting at the

        Feng Shui and Geobiology Institut - Medicina Altanativa Institut - The Open International University

      - Dr. Joseph Yu, China: Feng Shui Master Class

2000 - 2007 Education for Huna Shaman with well-known shamans on the Hawaiian archipelago

Since 2007 Continuation of my way as Priestess of the Goddess and Priestess of Avalon

               among other things Priestess of the Goddess Temple Glastonbury, England

Since 2001 Yoga Training

2016 & 2017 Education to become a Yoga Trainer according to EU RYS 200, Yoga Allianz, certN, ÖCERT

      - Raja Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Karma Yoga, Yin Yoga,

        Yin/Yang Yoga, Inner Tantric Yoga

      - Working with the Universal Shakti

      - Asanas, Pranayamas, Yoga Tiefenentspannung, Meditation, Mantras, Mudras, Kirtan Singen

Since 2017 Yoga Special Trainings, Asana Practice, Breathing Yoga - Pranayamas, Meditation,

             Integrated Yoga -The Ways of Yoga - spiritual Mindfulness and Awareness - Yoga of Sound -

             Meridian and Chakra Healing

Dorje Shugden Empowerment - Buddhistic Tantra Empowerments to the Practices of Dharma

... and some details from my lecturing, educational workshops, and professional consultancies:

1998 - 2007: Feng Shui Lectures and Workshops at various Austrian Institutes, Wiener Urania,

                    VHS Mödling, HTL Mödling

1999 - 2008: Privat Feng Shui Lectures and Workshops as well as for Hotels und Companies

2002 - 2006: Guest Lecturer for Feng Shui, TU Wien

                     Lecture at the Technical University Vienna, Institute for Landscape Planning and Gardening

1998 - 2008: Feng Shui Consulting in the non-commercial sector, Key Aspects: Heath,

                    Assessment of new or established residential plans,

                    Layout and Design of Living Spaces, Landscape Gardening

                    Feng Shui Consulting in the commercial and business sector, Consulting of companies:

                    Industrial Sectors: IT, Pharma, Pharmacies, Tax Consultant Offices, Law Firms,

                    offices, Banking houses

                    Consultancy for Logo and Website Designs in regard to Feng Shui Aspects

Since 1999: Coaching in the commercial and non-commercial sector in regard to peoples Success,

                   Health, Financial Status, Development, Self Confidence, Self-determination, Personnel and

                   Supervisor Management, Stress Management, etc.

Since 2007: Energetic and spiritual counseling and coaching as Priestess of the Goddess and

                   Priestess of Avalon (see also my webpage ME)

Since 2017: Yoga Trainer, individual, domestic Yoga Trainings for Individuals and Groups

                   The Path of Yoga - Spiritual Mindfulness and Awareness

As Author:

Available As Book & E-Book:

Aquene Kasemann "Feng Shui Hilfsmittel gezielt einsetzen"

ISBN 3-89060-050-6 (German)

Verlag Neue Erde