About Me

Since the age of fourteen, still in school schoolmates came to me telling me that they had heard that I can help them

They started to tell me about their problems and still talking to me I already saw and felt the basic issues and root causes that were responsible for their troubles and what could be the solution

Some years later during my studies at the University of Vienna I concerned myself with Bach flower remedies, ethereal flower energies. I studied these remedies at the Eduard Bach Center and started to work as a flower remedies consultant.

Subsequently I learned Feng Shui and Geomancy from various international masters and grand masters for more than 10 years. I studied the correlation between the surroundings and our soul specifically the impact on your body and health, the significant interrelations between inside and outside.  I worked full time as a Feng Shui consultant for privat and business customers in order to address and resolve their issues and challenges by means of these interrelations

For years I lectured on Feng Shui for privat customers, at adult education centers, polytechnic institutes, and for 4 years collaterally for students of Architecture at the Technical University of Vienna

Already during this time, I studied shamanism with a Hawaiian shaman for more than seven years and started to feel more and more at home. Since I had been seeing and knowing already as a young child many things I heard and learned were not really new to me. In fact, I was tying this shamanic knowledge to my own shamanic roots. My name Aquene is originating from North American Indian Tribes of the First Nations going also back to the old Europe and her spirituality  

During a outstanding spiritual journey through England, I traveled ancient holy paths from Cornwall via Avalon to Avebury accompanied by spiritual visions, by the chalice of the Goddess, and the Goddess herself. I recovered essential parts of my own identity ..... I walked the path of Her priestess ….. after a very long time and I am still walking

Beginning of 2020 I was on a shamanic journey in New Zealand for two month. This was the by far longest shamanic journey I ever did. I was not only part of nature and her wisdom, linked to the old cultures of New Zealand but also linked to her spiritual creatures that guided and accompanied me to pass extreme experiences

This journey took exactly two month. Every day I got to my limits, felt even like exceeding my limits and capabilities. In the end the spiritual creatures of New Zealand helped me to master my way refreshing my confidence and trust every day. Ultimately I laid down ties and conditionings that did no longer belong to me and my soul

All this and my subtle cognition is the basis of my work

Since 2001 I exercise and practice Yoga. I am following the "Path of Yoga"

Parts of this path are:

Raja Yoga - Bhakti Yoga - Jnana Yoga - Hatha Yoga - Kundalini Yoga - Karma Yoga - Yin Yoga - Yin/Yang Yoga - Inner Tantric Yoga - Meditation - Pranajamas - Mantras - Sutras – Sadhana

Working with the Universal Shakti

For more than 20 years I am accompanying people all over the world to find and follow their way, heal themselves, follow their soul-song ....... during my travels and at home, via internet or on whatever way I come in contact with souls that yearn for help and support

This is my love and my passion, my way

On my way I find wonderful places and meet wonderful people

Yours Aquene