Since the age of fourteen, still in school schoolmates came to me telling me that they had heard that I can help them

They started to tell me about their problems and still talking to me I already saw and felt the basic issues and root causes that were responsible for their troubles and what could be the solution 

Some years later I started to work with Bach flower remedies. Subsequently I learned Feng Shui and Geomancy from various masters and grand masters for many years. I worked full time as a Feng Shui consultant for privat and business customers in order to resolve their topics and issues

For years I lectured on Feng Shui for privat customers, at adult education centers, polytechnic institutes, and for 4 years collaterally for students of Archtecture at the Technical University of Vienna

Allready during this time I studies Shamanism with a Hawaiian Shaman for more than seven years and started to feel more and more at home

During a outstanding spiritual journey through England, I traveled ancient holy paths from Cornwall via Avalon to Avebury accompanied by spiritual visions, by the chalice of the Goddess, and the Goddess herself. I recovered essential parts of my own identity ..... I walked the path of Her priestess

All this and my subtle cognition is the basis of my work

Since 2001 I exercise and practice Yoga. I am following the "Path of Yoga"

Parts of this path are:

Raja Yoga - Bhakti Yoga - Jnana Yoga - Hatha Yoga - Kundalini Yoga - Karma Yoga - Yin Yoga - Yin/Yang Yoga - Inner Tantric Yoga - Meditation - Pranajamas - Mantras - Sutras - Sadhana

Working with the Universal Shakti

For more than 20 years I am accompaniing people all over the world to find and follow their way, heal themselves, follow their soulsong ....... during my travels and at home, via internet or on whatever way I come in contact with souls that yearnfor help and support

This is my love and my passion, my way

On my way I find wonderful places and meet wonderful people 

Yours Aquene

Namaste   नमस्ते

Let Your Soul-Song out ...

...  and Watch It Change the World

Shakti   शक्ति