Live Your SOULDREAM ...

Each soul dreams it's individual dream

These individual dreams express themselves in our needs and longings might they be clear or hidden

Clearly we feel our desire for a happy life, good health, inner tranquility and balance, affectionate relationship, good business relations, and much more

In my opinion all of this is really possible. In fact all needs can be fulfilled at the same time. Everyone can live a perfect life

During our personal life, our personal history, experiences during our childhood and the surrounding society we have forgotten to listen to our soul and follow our inner voice

During my coaching and counseling I will lead you back to your personal way in order to facilitate that you can live your privat and professional life holistically

In order to make this possible it is necessary to find relevant topics and resolve their root causes and mental imprints that impact you life quality and prevent you from living your life in a way your soul is dreaming

For coaching and counseling it is not necessary to live in specific spiritual way or a spiritual life at all

Primarily, coaching is an open dialog to identify and to resolve issues that prevent you from living a happy life. Part of the coaching process can also be meditations, guided journeys of your soul, yoga, exercises, rituals, working with flower remedies, etc. always in harmony with your body and your soul

My coaching and counseling will always be individually adjusted to your needs to reach your personal goals

As a priestess of the goddess I am connected with all levels of time and space, energy, and everything that exists in a particulary way

As an extrremely sensitive woman I feel, see and experiance not only human beings, animals, plants in a very special way but also all places especially ancient places of energy in a particular and beautiful way. I experience journeys of my soul in which I become basic elements, I visit other spiritual levels and places, souls and times. During these journeys spiritual healing often occurs

During the last years I intuitively traveled ancient holy tracks from Cornwall via Avalon to Avebury accompanied by spiritual visions

This track follows one of the oldest, most spiritual, earth energy lines in Europa

For me it was an ancient way of re-inauguration after a very long time of disruption .... the way of the priestess that I have always been .... acompanied by the chalice of the Goddess and the Goddess herself

For more than 25 years people are coming to me in order to resolve issues and mental inprints, to broaden their mind, to follow their visions or in need for spiritual guidance

If you have any questions concerning my work please don't hesitate to contact me directly